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Dad's Windmill WELCOME to Groomsville Central, the place where Phil's adventures in web design started (and where some would probably say they should have ended; c'est la vie). It was the original home of the UK Christian Bookshops Directory and still hosts Seriously Lazy Software and Absolutely Mac, both created back in the dark ages before Mac OS X came along. If you're still using a classic Mac you might find something there useful.

For the most up to date info about our various nefarious activities, keep an eye on Phil's blogs:

You can also find Phil at or on twitter @notbovvered.

The most important things you'll find here these days are:

1) Sue's book, Linguistic Analysis of Biblical Hebrew, Linguistic Analysis of Biblical Hebrew £19.99 from Paternoster Press, published in February 2003: order your copy today! Available from: (powered by
LST Books & Resources (powered by
Maranatha Christian Bookshop (powered by people)
The UKCBD aStore (powered by
...or any other good bookshop!

2) GroomNews: The Groomsville Newsletter
Latest Edition: Christmas 2011
The next edition will probably be Christmas 2012.

3) Phil's Dad's Windmill: When you're retired, you too can build a windmill!

4) Archives* and backups of some of Phil's other websites:

* Archives maintained purely for historical interest: these sites are no longer managed by Phil.

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